Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a parliament of macramé owls

While out in the garden, tending to the...
English Daisies
Watching the blossoming...

Iceland Poppies
And ANXIOUSLY awaiting the arrival of...
Peppermint Pop Roses
There were a Parliament of Macramé Owls!
A couple of weeks ago we discovered the magic of the macramé owl and now we can't stop. We hope you love our modern take on macramé. Using modern materials and, of course, button eyes updates this retro craft.

On a side note, a parliament of owls is the name for a grouping of owls. A few other of our favorite flock names include:
a muster of peacocks
a murder of crows
a charm of goldfinches <--FAVORITE!
a pandemonium of parrots

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